The Power Of Data X Proprietary AI Models = Unfair Advantage

Ai Magic

Our Magic: Helping Clients Use Their Proprietary Data To Build Better Tomorrows

Datamorrow provides marketing and media solutions using SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing technologies. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to put brands and consumers in mutually beneficial relationships. By building custom AI models with cultural intelligence frameworks to address the systematic and persistent bias built into traditional marketing programs and most recently AI models.

Our trade secret is leveraging 80+ years of combined experience in general market and diversity marketing. The experience in diversity marketing has trained us how to unearth insights from client’s proprietary data to identify overlooked and emerging opportunities across ALL communities to drive more effective marketing campaigns.


We Have Built Three Classes Of AI Marketing Models

Our long-term vision is for our AI models to become the industry standard for marketers focused on maximizing opportunities with previously overlooked and emerging populations.

Look-Alike Models: 

Velocity & Scale. Find More Look-A-Likes Of Current Best Customers

Phantom Share Models:    

These Models Identify Unmet Demand And Overlooked Opportunities

Demand Creation Models:

These Models Look For Opportunities To Expand The Category


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